take back control

Local delivery built by restaurants, for restaurants

We offer a valuable solution to one of the most important sales channels in this industry – delivery.

We help you extend your dining room further into your community while prioritizing the quality of your menu and your food.

Formed by local restaurant owners to take back control from the national companies and their exorbitant fees, poor customer service, and predatory practices.

There are no tricks or misleading marketing practices with us.

Our rates are the lowest in the industry.

And restaurants have direct local contacts to help immediately with any issues.

Locally managed with oversight by the restaurant owners, Q River Menus gives the best quality service and enables restaurants to maintain the valuable relationships with their own customers.

Using a turnkey solution to empower restaurant owners without burdening them, we help you grow your business AND reduce your workload.

Delivery just doesn’t get any more efficient and profitable than this.

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